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Robert Downey Jr – Introduction, Profile, Facts, Career, Work, Awards

Robert Downey Jr – Introduction – Hollywood Actor

Robert Downey Jr son of the avid filmmaker Robert Downey. Sr. is an American actor well-known for his brilliant acting in ‘Chaplin’. Quirky version of ‘Tony Stark’ in ‘Iron Man’ and periods of living under the shadow of drug abuse and breaking of the law.

Due to his highly creative and abusive father. Downey has been involved in expert acting and drug consumption from a very young age.

He has expended his life in and out of tabloids. restoration centres and reformatories yet his acting skills and talent have given him the status of one of the most cherished actors.

Downey has been recognized for his involvement in cinema with awards like Golden Globe, BAFTA. and Emmy his fans love him for the shady and vital typescripts. That he has had fun from time to time in cinemas like: ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

‘Tropical Thunder,’ etcetera and also for his near superhero like the ability to bring himself out from the rut of medicines and alcohol binging that he had been a part of meanwhile childhood. He is also the co-owner of ‘Team Downey’ with his wife, Susan Levin.


Hailed by many opponents as one of the most incredible bright and valuable actors of his age group. Robert Downey Jr. chalked up a formidable onscreen track top that quickly launched the young these into the stratosphere. Although for a time.

Downey’s wild offscreen life and personal problems threatened to challenge his public copy. He quickly bounced back. He overcame these setbacks with a continued array of impressive roles in large and small shades that never forwent his spectators’ appeal or sociability.

Early Life of Robert Downey Jr

The son of alternative filmmaker Robert Downey, Downey Jr. was natural in New York Town on April 4 1965. He completes his opening onscreen appearance as a puppy at five in his father’s film Pound (1970). He made cameo appearances between 1972 and 1990 in five more of his father’s films.

The actor’s first significant role, in 1983’s Sweetheart. It’s You essentially ended up on the cutting-room floor. It wasn’t until two years advanced that he began landing more considerable part Primary as a one-season cast fellow on Saturday Night Live and then in the joking Weird Science. In 1987. He property-owning plum roles in two movies that capitalized on the Brat Pack wonder. James Toback’s The Pick-Up Drawer and Less Than Zero. He won acclaim singing cocaine addict Julian Wells.

Quick Facts of Robert Downey Jr

Birthday: April 4, 1965

Age: 56 Years, 56-Year-Old Males

Sun Sign: Aries

Also Known As Robert John Downey Jr.

Born Country: United States

Born In: Manhattan, New York, United States

Famous As: Actor

Childhood & personal life of Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey, Jr. was natural on April 4, 1965, in Manhattan. New York to Robert Downey Sr and Elsie. His father is a famous filmmaker actor. Writer, director, and his mother was an actress. From a very new age, Downey was involved in acting.

Downey produced up around drugs as his father was a medication fanatic. He was happening taking marijuana at the tender age of 6. He did his first arrival in his father’s movie ‘Pound,’ in which he played the role of a puppy.

Personal life of Robert Downey Jr

At the age of 7, he completed an entrance in the show ‘Greaser’s Palace’ and later departed to live in England to study classical ballet. He attended the Stagedoor Manor Execution Arts Exercise Focus in Novel York.

In 1978, at 13, Downey’s parents divorced and passed away to California to live with his father. He was still stressed with his drug addiction. He releases out of school in pursuit of professional temporary.

robert downey jr

The career of Robert Downey Jr

From 1983-1986, Downey did an off-Broadway melodic ‘American Desire (1983)’ and was cast as a portion of ‘Sat. Nightly Live’ (1985)’. He too did ‘Turf Turf (1985)’. John Hughes’s sci-fi amusement ‘Weird Science (1985)’ and ‘Pretty in Pink (1986)’.

Downey did his first significant role in ‘The Pick-up Artist’ in 1987 and prepared ‘Less Than Zero’ in a similar year, in which he occupied himself a drug-addicted rich undeveloped boy. He was happening to be documented as a member of ‘Brat Pack.’

In 1989, Downey did a romantic entertainment called ‘Chances Are, starring Cybill Shepherd, Ryan O’Neal, and Mary Stuart Masterson. It was shadowed by ‘Air America (1990)’. In which he with Mel Gibson and ‘Soapdish (1991)’ with Sally Field.

Downey did the most prominent role of his generation in Richard Attenborough’s ‘Chaplin’ in 1992. He frolicked the part of ‘Charlie Chaplin’ in the movie. prepared extensively for his position. And collected an Oscar nomination and a BAFTA Award.

Succes of Life of Robert Downey Jr

From 1993-1999, he did marketable cinemas like: ‘Heart and Souls (1993)’, ‘Shortcuts (1993)’, ‘Only You (1994)’, ‘Normal Born Killers (1994)’, ‘Restoration (1995)’. ‘Richard III (1995)’, ‘Two Girls and a Guy (1998)’ and ‘Black and White (1999)’.

Downey did an emotional thriller in 1999 called ‘In Dreams. In which he featured with Annette Benning. He completed his last movie before going to the California Substance Abuse Treatment Capability and also State Prison to serve his drug charges.

In 2000, after his release, he combined the cast of an American English legal comedy-drama television series called ‘Ally McBeal.’ He selects for an Emmy Award and won an Excellent Globe in the Best Supporting Actor category series.

He lip-synched Elton John’s ‘I need Love’ for its video in 2001. Focused by Sam Taylor-Wood. In the subsequent year, he got the lead role in ‘The Singing Detective’ with the help of Mel Gibson. Who paid his assurance bond.

In 2003, Downey did a supernatural thriller ‘Go Thika’ along with Halle Berry. Which Mathieu Kassovitz directed.

He inoperative 40 per cent of Downey’s salary to ensure that his addictive behaviour did not hamper the movie’s production.

 Major Work of Robert Downey Jr

Downey’s ‘Chaplin’ (1992) is one of his most significant achievements. Richard Attenborough, the movie director, got him to train in many necessary aspects for an authentic portrayal of Chaplin. Like learning how to play the violin etc.

Joining the cast of the American television series ‘Ally McBeal’ after serving his time in the prison in 2000 was a great expert move from Downey’s side. He won many awards for his role in the series.

Downey’s classification of ‘Tony Stark’ in ‘Iron Man (2008)’. ‘Iron Man 2 (2010)’ and ‘Iron Man 3 (2013) have made him into many blockbuster phenomena. His quirky and also calm character in real life reflects in ‘Tony Stark,’ which has made it so successful.

Awards and Achievement of Robert Downey Jr

Downey is the champion of a Golden Globe Reward and Screen Society Reward for ‘Ally McBeal (2001)’, BAFTA Reward for ‘Chaplin (1992)’.

Golden Globe Reward for ‘Shorcuts (1994)’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes (2009)’ and 2 People’s Choice Awards for ‘The Punishers (2013)’.


Downey dated the well-known Hollywood actress Sarah Jessica Parker from 1984-1991. They broke up owing to his addiction to medications and also alcohol.

He says that represents drugs by his father. A drug addict. And they used to consume drug composes.

Downey gives his wife Susan the glory for his recovery from medicines and the ‘bad boy routine.’

It exposes in the media that Downey had had bipolar disorder for a very long period in his life.

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