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Margot Claflin The Enigmatic Starlet of Tomorrow

Margot Claflin is a notable English celebrity child, documented as the daughter of protruding English actor Sam Claflin and his former wife, Laura Haddock, a well-known English actress. Born in 2018, Margot has garnered significant attention and love from the fans of both artists since her arrival.

Margot Claflin was born in England on January 6, 2018. She will be four years old in 2022. Margot is a British celebrity girl who is the daughter of British actor and actress Sam Claflin and Lauda Haddock (ex-wife).

The most significant advantage of being a popular kid is that you don’t have to wait to grow up; They get attention from fans and media from birth. The same happened to Margot Claflin, the little angel of her parents, who was showered with so much love and attention.

Quick Look At Margot’s Family Background

Quick Look At Margot's Family Background

Her paternal grandfather, Mark Claflin, was a finance officer. Mark was born to an American father, George K. Claflin, and a French-Canadian mother, Lettie Mae Peloqui.

Margot’s family comes from English ancestry

Likewise, Margot’s paternal grandmother was Susan Claflin. Susan, a teaching assistant, was the daughter of Percy G. Clarke and Patricia A. Coles. Further, she is the niece of the actor Joseph Claflin.

Her maternal granddad, Ian Haddock, is a financier, and her grandmom, Deborah Haddock, is a reflexologist.

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Margot Claflin – Education

Regarding her educational background, no information is available concerning Margot’s schools. She might be responsible for schooling at a community school in England.

Career and Professional Life

Regarding her professional career, Margot does not have one because she is just four years old. However, her father, Sam Claflin, is a well-known British actor who is most identified for his characters in Pirates of the Caribbean: My Cousin Rachel, On Stranger Tides, Adrift, Me Before You, Every Breath You Take, The Hunger Games film trilogy, and Book of Love.

Sam has been in TV shows such as The Supports of the Earth, The Lost Forthcoming, Any Human Heart, United, Mary and Martha, White Heat, and Daisy Jones & The Six.

Margot Claflin – Brand Endorsements

Margot has not recognized any brand till now, and she has not been seen in any association with brands.

Awards and Nomination

Awards and Nomination

Margot is a bright girl who is now studying. So far, Margot has not been allied with, won any honors, or learned any distinguished title.

However, Margot’s peak presentation is yet to be familiar. Furthermore, we forecast Margot will receive several awards in the future. In 2014, Sam Claflin, her father, was awarded the Glamour Award for ‘Man of the Year.

Margot Claflin – Parents, Sibling

On January 6, Margot Claflin was born in 2018, as the second kid of Laura Haddock and Sam Claflin. Margot has an elder brother called Pip Claflin, who was born on December 8, 2015.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War cast revealed the birth of his daughter throughout an episode of BBC Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Show in January. Laura and Sam split good-naturedly when Pip was three and a half years old, and Margot was eighteen months old.

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Margot Claflin – Quick Facts

  • Margot Claflin is a strong, hysterical, clever, kind, and beautiful soul.
  • Margot Claflin is not energetic on social media.
  • Margot has short golden hair and blue eyes.
  • In the interim, Margot wishes to travel with her family.
  • Margot is currently present in kindergarten.

Margot Claflin’s Parents’ Marriage and Divorce

Her parents tied the nub on July 30, 2013, and separated part ways in August 2019 after six years of marriage. Sam promptly married the woman he wanted in life. Unfortunately, things took an unpleasant turn. Margot’s parents did not give details about the reason behind the split.

However, they shared identical statements: “Sam and I have decided to separate legally. We will move forward with love, friendship, and a deep admiration for one another to increase our family together”. Sam and Laura are undoubtedly in each other’s lives, co-parenting their kids together. Ever since the separation, Margot’s mom and dad are considered single.

What Is Margot Claflin Doing Today?

In a departure from the usual celebrity child scene, Margot keeps a low profile when facing the camera. Her parents, Laura and Sam, also shield her inner world from the public eye, making it challenging to keep tabs on her whereabouts.

Considering her age, it’s highly likely that Margot is attending a local kindergarten school somewhere in England, focusing on her early education.

She resides with her mom, Laura, in a lavish million-dollar home nestled in the heart of England. Occasionally, she makes trips to London to spend time with her father, Sam, creating a balance between both sides of her family.


Born in 2018, Margot Claflin is the daughter of famous British actor Sam Claflin and performer Laura Haddock. Despite her young age, Margot has already added attention and love from her parents’ admirers and the public. In 2019, her parents divorced amicably and are committed to her privacy and well-being.

Margot may attend an English kindergarten, while her early schooling is unknown. Her parents, Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock, are wealthy actors. Margot is just starting and has no professional experience.


Margot Claflin’s parents?

British actors Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock are Margot’s parents. They divorced in 2019 after marrying in 2013.

Margot Claflin’s age?

Born in February 2018, Margot Claflin will be 5 in 2023.

Does Margot Claflin have siblings?

Margot’s younger sibling is Pip Claflin, who was born in December 2020.

Does Margot Claflin use social media?

Margot is too young for social media, and her parents preserve her privacy.

Where lives Margot Claflin?

Margot and her mother, Laura Haddock, reside in a million-dollar English house. She periodically visits her father, Sam Claflin, in London.

What can Margot Claflin do next?

Margot is young and worried about her future. With her skilled parents, she may follow in their entertainment business footsteps or explore other hobbies as she grows up.

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