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Kelly Mcginnis Age, Bio, and Networth

Kelly Mcginnis Age is a 66-year-old American actress mainly known for her roles as Rachel Lapp in Reuben, Charlotte Blackwood in Top Gun, and Kathryn Murphy in The Accused. 2019 she will appear in Julie Loves to Gamble and Annie Cook.

More than three times have passed since the 1986 premiere of Top Gun, a film that thrust Kelly Mcginnis, who portrayed Charlie, into the limelight as Tom Cruise’s love interest. Despite the initial surge in fame during the ’80s, her career trajectory did not match the soaring expectations. Her absence in the 2022 blockbuster sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, has further sparked curiosity among fans who wonder what happened to the actress.

Who is Kelly Mcginnis?

Who is Kelly Mcginnis_

Kelly Mcginnis, also known as Kelly Mcginnis, is 66 years American actress who became famous for her roles such as Charlie in Top Gun (1986), Annie Packert in Made in Heaven (1987), Jennie Adamson in At First Sight (1999), and Miriam Saslaw in Dirty John (2020).

She is a prominent figure in the American film industry and has worked on over 50 acting projects. Kelly spent a long time in her acting career and gained popularity through her versatile roles.

Early Days and School Adventures

Kelly’s story began at Newport Harbor High School, but school wasn’t her favorite hangout spot. Like a true rebel, she dropped out but later aced her GED. The acting bug bit her hard which led her to the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts.

Imagine dropping out of high school and then graduating from the prestigious Juilliard School in New York in 1983—talk about a plot twist.

Kelly Mcginnis Movies

Kelly burst onto the Hollywood scene with the 1983 film “Reuben, Reuben,” but the 1985 hit “Witness” put her in the spotlight. And then came the moment we all remember – she played the unforgettable Charlotte “Charlie” in “Top Gun” alongside Tom Cruise.

You’d think being a bit taller than Cruise would be a problem, but hey, they made it work. That’s what we call movie magic.

Stage Queen and Awards Royalty

Stage Queen and Awards Royalty

Beyond the glitz of the big screen, Kelly ruled the stage with performances like “Don Juan” and “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.” She didn’t just act; she owned it.

And as for awards, she’s got quite the collection. Bravo Otto Award, Golden Ciak—you name it. They practically threw awards at her for “Top Gun” and “The Accused.”

Kelly Mcginnis Awards

In 1987 and 1988, she won the Bravo Otto Award for Best Actress for her act in Top Gun and The Accused. Also in 1987, she won the Golden Ciak for Best Actress for her work in Made in Heaven.

McGillis received both the 2018 California Women’s Film Festival for Best Supporting Character and the Southampton International Film Festival for Supporting Artist in a Feature for her work in Maternal Secrets.

Marriage and Relationships of Kelly Mcginnis

McGillis was married to her associated Juilliard student Boyd Black from 1979-1981. In 1989, she married Fred Tillman, an associated actor, but they separated in 2002. During their marriage, they had two children together: a son named Kelsey Tillman and a daughter called Sonora Tillman. McGillis swapped things up when she married sales executive, Barkeeper, and theater artist Melanie Leis in 2010. Inappropriately, they were divorced the following year.

Kelly Mcginnis got married twice in her life tenure. Initially, she married her mate from Julliard, Boyd Black, in 1979. The marriage did not last long, and the couple parted ways in 1981. She married Fred Tillman in 1898 and had kids with him: two daughters, Kelsey and Sonora. Fred was a rich person and owned costly yachts and hotels.

The couple decided to quit their married life in 2002. She faced a tragic accident in 1982, as two men in her NY apartment raped her. Out of the two men, one was just 15 years of age and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Kelly Mcginnis’s rape was an unfortunate incident in Hollywood.

Is Kelly Mcginnis lesbian?

She met Melanie Leis, a bartender at her ex-husband’s restaurant in Key West, Florida, in the United States. She announced her relationship with Melanie Les in her interview with SheWired and that she worked for the welfare of drug addicts in the rehabilitation center situated in Bridgeton, NJ, when she was with Les in her house in Collingswood.

Controversy About Kelly Mcginnis

Controversy About Kelly Mcginnis

Mcginnis has made headlines for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, she was notably absent from the sequel to “Top Gun” and explained in a 2022 interview that she no longer fits the traditional Hollywood expectations for a leading lady. She also stated that she is finished with Hollywood for good.

In addition, Mcginnis has also spoken out on various issues, including gun violence. In 2018, she commended Levi’s for taking a stance on the issue and stated that she supports the company’s efforts to address controversial topics.

Kelly Mcginnis Social Media

Kelly Mcginnis is not an active user of social media platforms. It seems like the lady likes to lead a simple life despite being a celebrity. However, we will update you if she makes any social media accounts.

Why Kelly Mcginnis not in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

‘Top Gun’ made almost $360 million worldwide in 1988. The cast played a big role, but Kelly Mcginnis, who played the main female role, faced a challenge. They almost let her go because she was taller than Tom Cruise.

Luckily, Cruise and McGillis had great chemistry during test shots, so they decided to keep her. They adjusted the script to address the age difference. Tricks like using an apple crate for scenes and high-soled shoes balanced their heights. McGillis hunched over in scenes to help, too.

Despite these efforts, McGillis didn’t appear in the 2022 sequel, ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’ She revealed in 2019 that they didn’t ask her to come back for her role.”

Kelly Mcginnis Net worth

You might be wondering, “How much moolah has Kelly raked in?” Well, brace yourself. She’s swimming in a pool of cash worth over $8 million. That’s a lot of zeroes, folks.


Where does Kelly Mcginnis live?

At present, she resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

How old is Kelly Mcginnis?

She is 65 and was born on 9th July 1957 in 2022.

Is Kelly Mcginnis Gay?

She exposed herself to be in a relationship with the same-s8x spouse, Melanie Les, in an interview.

Who are Kelly Mcginnis’s kids?

She has two children named Kelsey and Sonora from her husband, Fred Tillman.

What was the cause for Kelly Mcginnis’s Top Gun2 exclusion?

The actress was not asked to appear in the movie Top Gun 2 Maverick, and she said that her barring was her fat and aged presence.