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Dana Speaks At Colorado Http://Www.Coloradofreemasons.Org/

Dana Speaks At Http://Www.Coloradofreemasons.Org/: The Future of our institution depends on those who follow them. If we want them to be leaders and successful, we must teach them. The Mason who goes to Lodge and recites, no matter how slight, if it is only the pages of the monthly periodical he subscribes to, will always maintain higher views of our institution. He will also enjoy new pleasures in having these views. The Masons who do not read will not know of the inside splendors of Speculative Masonry but will be content to presume it to be parallel to Odd Associated or Elks Lodge. Only maybe a little older. Such a Mason would surely be indifferent, for he hasn’t left any foundation for Zeal.

If this insignificance is not checked and becomes more broadly spread, the result is all too seeming. Freemasonry would have to step down from its elevated position, which it has been struggling to attain. The efforts of Masonic Scholars to preserve our lodges would be reduced. Instead of becoming a resorts for speculative and logical thought, Masonry would worsen into social Clubs or mere benefit societies. With so many competitors in that field, our struggle for a wealthy life would be hard.

The ultimate success of Masonry hangs on the intelligence and knowledge of its supporters. If directing our website raises any questions or sparks an interest, please contact the Grand Lodge Colorado or one of the many resident Lodges most likely in your area.

Dana Speaks At Coloradofreemasons.Org

Dana Speaks At Coloradofreemasons.Org

Dana Speaks is the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons of Colorado. You can find the Grand Lodge of Colorado’s website at

To become a Freemason in Colorado, you must either:

Attend the public functions of the chosen Lodge for six months

Be known by two members of the Lodge before requesting a petition.

Entry Qualifications

A male older than 18 years.

Belief in a Supreme Being

Good Moral Character

If you meet the qualifications above, this is the next step.

A long-standing tradition is that you have to ask a Mason to be made a Mason. It is based on the prerequisite that joining must be of your own will and accord. If you know a Mason in a local Lodge, contact him. If you do not know a Mason of a Local Lodge, we can help.

Why Should you Apply to Join?

Why Should I Apply to Join_

The motives people become Masons are personal to them. However, some of the most mutual reasons include:

  • Forming lifelong friendships
  • Concentrating on personal development
  • Helping others
  • Being part of a historic group, you can take self-importance in
  • Meeting people from dissimilar backgrounds who share your morals
  • Engaging with the community
  • Learning time-tested leadership skills
  • Enjoying regular social activities
  • Connecting with a global network

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What Are the Degrees of Masonry?

New members progress through three degrees of Freemasonry, culminating with the Master Mason degree. Each degree involves a ritual where the moral and moral teachings of Masonry are expressed and illustrated. One of the most rewarding portions of becoming a Mason is getting your degrees—and supporting others as they get theirs.

There are three degrees, each comprising unique life lessons.

First degree: Entered Beginner

Second degree: Fellow Expertise

Third degree: Master Mason

These ceremonies aren’t open to the public but only for members. But we can tell you this: When you’re part of a degree ceremony, you’re part of history.

Colorado Masonic Scholarship Programs

Colorado Masonic Scholarship Programs

The Colorado Masons’ Kind Fund Scholarship Committee was well-known in 1966. Over 700 students joined institutions with scholarships of over $8.5 million awarded to higher education in Colorado. The scholarships are for up to $7000 yearly, renewable for four years for $28,000. They are awarded primarily for leadership, maturity, need, and academic ability without reference to race, creed, color, sex, or Masonic relationship. The only requirements are that a candidate be a graduating senior in a public high school in Colorado and appear at an institution of higher knowledge within Colorado.

The scholarship commissioner oversees the day-to-day operation of the program. He does not participate in the selection process. The Scholarship Committee consists of six well-qualified individuals plus the chairman. This committee selects the recipients each year with the Grand Masters’s guidance and approval. The number of scholarships awarded yearly is pretentious by the pays of the Colorado Masons’ Benevolent Fund and strongminded by the Fund’s Board of Trustees. We awarded 15 new scholarships in 2005 and again in 2006. A lesser number were grant in prior years. There are 16 new winners this year.

The distribution of application materials and instructions is handled exclusively through public high school counselors. The scholarship administrator sends these materials to each Colorado public high school in late October each year.

Vocational Grants

They started this program in 2003 and awarded up to 15 yearly allowances for $2,000.00 for occupational training. It is a one-time funding that depends on the Benevolent Fund’s earnings. The dispersal of application materials, suitability wants, and selection procedure are the same as the scholarship program. We awarded seven new scholarships in 2007.

Educational Grants

In this program, the Benevolent Fund will match up to $500.00 of grant money each local Lodge presents to a student of their choice. Each Lodge determines the application and selection process. Education Grants started in 1984, and the total dollars financed are over $536,000. High school seniors in this program should connect with a local Masonic lodge.

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