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Bloodborne pc Everything You Need To Know

Bloodborne pc is real, or at least it has been claimed by a data miner through solid evidence to support that claim. Dataminer Lance McDonald has revealed the filename of some Bloodborne screenshots, which point to a fully playable PC version of the game.

Bloodborne Pc Port

Bloodborne pc Everything You Need To Know (1)

It’s been a long and anxious wait for die-hard Bloodborne fans for the game to see the light of day on PC one day. McDonald revealed a fully playable Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Edition on PC, which can also run the DLCs that were released later. It states that screenshots by From Software environment artist Marcos Domenech remained taken from the PC version and uploaded to the Bloodborne Fandom wiki.

McDonald dissected the filename of the screenshots and pointed out that the screenshots of the game’s Oil Urns are called “SPRJ-win64”. The file’s name is attached to any screenshot from the debug menu. He added: “They (screenshots) were also clearly taken using the correct camera, which no one had admission to until I released my patch a month ago.”

Bloodborne: the PC version of the long-awaited game is now ready

Most games remain developed on PC, so there is always an early version of the game. However, he stressed that as the images are from Fishing Hamlet, it is not an earlier version but rather the complete game with its DLC running on PC.

“I mentioned that I’ve seen Bloodborne running on Windows 7 before in a private environment, and that was a very early version, around May 2014. It is the first time we’ve seen the full game + DLC. Still, it’s not as if we’ll ever get our hands on it.  He added to highlight that its existence doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll ever be able to play it.

“This is from years ago; I only realized it today. Many people thought I was lying when I said that Bloodborne already runs on PC and the development team uses it regularly. But if you want real proof, that’s it.” McDonald concluded.

There will always be a conversation about Bloodborne, and we hope it comes to PC. Perhaps that’s what Sony plans to announce at the next PlayStation Showcase on May 25 at 1:30 am IST.

Who Wants Bloodborne On PC When You Can Add Your Defense To The Witcher 3

No one knows why Bloodborne isn’t on PC yet, but now it’s just a meme. Sony recently tweeted a close-up photo of Bloodborne, requesting people to guess what game it was before being forced to delete it when rumors once over-circulated that it was news of a remaster or port. Many of PlayStation’s biggest PS4 games have migrated to PC, but Bloodborne is still missing. “But,” I say, sobbing as I hold my PS5, “who needs Bloodborne on PC when you can add defense mechanics to The Witcher 3.”

Yes, we can all pretend Bloodborne is on PC together, with a mod adding defense mechanics to The Witcher 3. If you haven’t played Bloodborne yet, one of its main features deviated from the rest of FromSoftware’s work by eliminating shields. Bloodborne got bored of seeing players cower behind shields waiting for openings while shaking in their boots and gave hunters something a little more aggressive.

Instead of shields, you get a weapon. And if you fire this weapon into someone’s face at the right time, it will stun your enemy, allowing you to unleash a visceral attack, which knocks them back and deals a lot of damage. It’s an essential technique to learn in Bloodborne, and messing it up can be fatal, but it is satisfying.

Is Bloodborne on PC?

Bloodborne has some of the best video game art of the 2010's, but the frame rate leaves a lot to be desired.

bloodborne pc

Having said all that, it’s worth pointing out that there has been no official word on Bloodborne PC. Yet. People have been asking for this since the launch of the PlayStation. So it’s evident that the public is present and responsible. At the very least, releasing Bloodborne PC makes financial sense, in all likelihood. But that’s not what we’re interested in! It’s not new information, for example. What is new, however, is the surprisingly substantial whirlwind of rumors we’ve been seeing lately!

We’re not discussing the odd mention of Bloodborne PC here and there. According to popular Twitch streamer Casey Explosion, we should have heard about Bloodborne Remastered for PC and PlayStation 5. The announcement was – apparently – supposed to be part of the canceled/postponed PS5 event scheduled for June 5. CaseyExplosion also saw a substantial drop in information.

Is There A Bloodborne PC Emulator?

We completely understand if you’re excited to start playing Bloodborne PC Remastered. The problem is that it’s unlikely to be released anytime soon. The official announcement is still pending! If you can’t help yourself and absolutely and positively need to play Bloodborne on PC today, we’ve got you covered.

Its name is PlayStation Now, a GeForce Now/Stadia service that allows you to stream PS games to your PC! Granted, you’ll need some controller, but this allows you to run a Bloodborne PC emulator right now. You will, however, have to deal with all the limitations that a PS4 would have.


Bloodborne requires a Radeon HD 6870 or GeForce GTX 750 to meet the recommended requirements. For running high graphics settings at 1080p resolution. This hardware must reach 60FPS. The system memory required for Bloodborne is 4 GB of performance memory. The recommended one needs a PC that is around 10 years old to work.

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