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Celebrity Health Write For Us – Guest Post And Submit Post

Celebrity Health Write For Us - Guest Post And Submit PostCelebrity Health Write For Us

While many celebrities can stake a claim to knowing a thing or two about how to “look good” and what the latest fashions are, the same cannot usually be said about health and medicine. And yet, despite this, the opinions and experiences of celebrities frequently influence how people approach their own health.

Even in the face of the expert opinions of doctors, physicians and academic researchers whose professional lives are focused on improving and delivering the best health care possible, people can sometimes be influenced more by the actions of a film star.

“People are trusting celebrities with their health,” write researchers from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Steven J. Hoffman and Charlie Tan conducted a meta-narrative analysis of literature concerning celebrities’ medical advice in 2013, examining its effects from economic, marketing, psychological and sociological standpoints.

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