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We enjoy getting to know our readers and are always on the lookout for great, inspiring sports stories. Write for Sports Feel Good Stories following the “What We Look For In Stories” guidelines below.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your expertise with millions of athletes, coaches, and parents and remain recognized as a thought leader.  Your work will remain published on My Favorite celeb, which reaches millions of readers each month.

Definition of Volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport in which a net splits two teams of six players. The players use their hands to hit a ball back and forth ended the net, trying to make the ball touch the ground on the other team’s court. A team is allowed only three traces of the ball before it must remain returned over the net.

Volleyball remained invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan, a physical education instructor in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Morgan was looking for a game that would be less strenuous than basketball, and he came up with the idea of volleyball. The game was originally called Mintonette, but the name changed to volleyball in 1896.

Volleyball is a popular sport worldwide and one of the most general sports in the Summer Olympics. The first Olympic volleyball tournament remained held in 1964, and the United States won the most gold medals in volleyball history.

How to Submit Your Articles?How to Submit Your Articles_

If you want to submit an article to our volleyball blog, please email us at Your email should include the following:

  • The title of your article
  • A summary of your article
  • If you have created a well-written and researched article or have come up with a great topic, pitch it to our team by emailing
  • A few sentences about yourself and your expertise in volleyball


When submitting your article, please follow these guidelines:

  • Your article should be well-written and informative.
  • Your article should be original and not plagiarized.
  • Your article should be between 800 and 1200 words long.
  • Your article should include images or videos.
  • Your article should remain optimized for search engines.

Why Write for Us?

There are many reasons why you should write for our volleyball blog. Here are a few of the benefits:

  • You will get your work published on a high-traffic blog.
  • You will reach a large audience of people who are interested in volleyball.
  • You will gain exposure to your work and your expertise.
  • You will build relationships with other writers and bloggers in the volleyball industry.

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We always look for interesting articles to publish on our volleyball blog. If you have a great idea for an article, please email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to consider your submission.

I appreciate your interest in writing for us!

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