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Nile Pharaohs Cruising Restaurant

Nile Pharaohs Cruising Restaurant – Pharaoh’s travel restaurants are two masterpieces on the Nile River; They are connotations of the seductive world of ancient Egypt. Step aboard one of our boats and reward yourself with a two-hour escape in Pharaonic splendor. Inspired by the sensual lines of antique sunboats, Nile Pharaoh pays homage to Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of joy, dance, love, song, and patroness of the Falcon-Headed Horus.

Discover the Land of the Pharaohs with one of the most beautiful Nile Cruises in Egypt: the perfect adventure for those visiting the pyramids and other iconic Egyptian monuments on various excursions, from short excursions to multi-day cruises.

In this complete guide, Let’s find out the best options for a beautiful Nile cruise, including tour prices, available departure points, and more.

Where Do Nile Cruises Depart From?

Where Do Nile Cruises Depart From_

If you’re about to vacation in Egypt, know that many Nile cruises are available for you, whether one-day or multi-day. Each can offer different tours of Egypt, even beyond the banks of the river.

Nile cruises depart from different parts of Egypt. Let’s find out together which ones they are!

1 – Short Nile Cruises From Cairo

A Nile cruise is one of the most traditional and fascinating ways to discover Egypt and its rich history. However, most traditional Nile trips operate more south in the central of Luxor and Aswan rather than Cairo. Traveling between Cairo and Luxor can be difficult due to river conditions and end of the road.

Nile dinner cruise

A Nile River dinner cruise is one of the most popular skills for tourists visiting Cairo, Egypt. These cruises offer unmatched city views at night as you cruise along the world’s extended river.

Why not take a Nile evening cruise with dinner for a relaxing evening on the river? You will enjoy a batter meal, live performing with traditional belly dance artists, and watch the lights of Cairo at night.

Felucca Tour in Cairo

Feluccas are small boats that offer short trips on the Nile River, ideal for those who want to experience the river without giving too much time.

To enter the life force of Egypt, trip aboard a traditional Felucca boat and follow in Cleopatra’s footsteps as you experience Cairo from the water. Some of the best felucca tours include eating on board while watching the sunset over the city.

These Nile trips from Cairo can combine with a full-day tour of the Pyramids, Egyptian Museum, and Old City.

2 – Multi-day Nile cruises from Aswan

Nile cruises are one of the best ways to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt. Starting from Aswan, you can visit many historical sites as you head north to Luxor or vice versa.

Nile cruises departing from Aswan generally last 3 to 7 days. However, the duration depends on the final destination and intermediate stops.

3– Multi-day Nile cruises from Luxor

Nile cruises from Luxor are the most popular and offer an excellent opportunity to immerse you in early Egyptian history. These cruises usually sail between Luxor and Aswan, agree to customers to travel the country’s most famous archaeological sites.

Most trips between Luxor and Aswan take 3 to 5 days, contingent on the route and stops.

What Is The Typical Itinerary Of A Nile Cruise?

What Is The Typical Itinerary Of A Nile Cruise_

If you choose to visit Egypt and opt for one of the Nile cruises, you should know there are always two main options: Aswan to Luxor or Luxor to Aswan.

Both routes offer great scenery and the chance to visit important archaeological and tourist sites. However, the choice between one often depends on the traveler’s favourites, the planned route, or the day you want to leave.

In any case, no matter which direction you choose, a trip to the Nile River always promises to be unforgettable. Let’s find out what options are available depending on your available days.

4-day Nile cruises

It is the shortest option and gives you an excellent tour of Egypt’s biggest attractions.

It also makes an excellent base for longer trips, including a few more days exploring Cairo. Always remember that you can depart from Aswan or Luxor. Let’s start!

One day

Fly from Cairo to the Aswan Temple of Philae and the Aswan High Dam. Board the cruise ship for lunch, free time, and afternoon tea. Enjoy dinner and evening entertainment before heading towards Kom Ombo.

Two days

Explore Kom Ombo Temple and then head towards Edfu for lunch. In the twilight, you can visit the Temple of Horus. In the evening, we depart for Luxor.

Three days

After breakfast, cross the river to the westward bank of Luxor and appoint the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Statues of Memnon.

Four days

Enjoy a trip to the East Coast to visit the shrines of Karnak and Luxor before moving to the airport for your flight to Cairo, or continue your stay in Luxor.

5 Day Nile Cruises

5-day Nile cruises are similar to 4-day tours, but with an extra day in Aswan to visit the temples at Abu Simbel or enjoy a traditional felucca cruise around Kitchener Island.

7-Day Nile Cruises

For a long Nile cruise holiday, combine a few nights on the water with an extra time on land to see all the major attractions. This directed Nile tour contains all of the above, plus a few nights in Cairo or Hurghada, where you can spend the day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the Red Sea.


Nile Cruise refers to a floating hotel. It has most of the housing features of a land-based hotel, including restaurants, swimming pools, tubs, exercise rooms, evening entertainment programs, small shops, and small libraries.

Most Nile cruises operate in both directions between Luxor and Aswan in southern Egypt, with stops in Edfu, Kom Ombo, and occasionally other smaller towns.

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