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Kicks on Fire

Kicks on Fire – One day, I was searching for sites with new colorways for Nike Blazers when I ended up on this site. It is called Kicks on Fire, and the kicks here are fire! This site doesn’t sell spices but features the newest releases and retro versions of fresh sneakers such as Vans, Nike, Nike SB, Puma, Jordans, Adidas, Reebok, Supra, New Balance, and other brands. I like this place because it informs the general public of the newest sneakers hitting the shelves so that you won’t be fooled. Because many people are online selling fake shoes with colors that haven’t come out yet.

Some articles also tell you about limited kicks made by top designers. The links to the websites of those people are posted there for you to see what these top designers‘ collaboration artists are up to. The site also has an educational kick media that tells stories of how and when specific shoes are made. Recently, they also published articles relating to particular shoes celebrities wear. I just found out Kanye West likes to wear Jordan 8 Aquas.

About Kicks on Fire


Shop your favorite sneakers. Find your Grails.

  • Most downloaded Sneaker Statement Calendar app on Google Play.
  • Accurate, up-to-date Release Dates and sneaker News.
  • Shop your favorite running shoes. Find your Grails.
  • Profiles with personalized releases & price estimates.
  • Set reminders, win Free Kicks, and Social Share!

The heart and depth of the sneaker community, Kicks on Fire .com, is the top expert for sneaker culture, news, and history. Our mission is to run an accessible information stage for the sneaker community and tools to ease the shopping knowledge for any footwear customer.

Who are the CEO, Founders and Directors of KicksonFire?

Furqan Khan, Founder, is a founder of 1 company.

View details of KicksonFire’s Founder profiles and Board Members

Competitors of KicksonFire

Competitive landscape of KicksonFire

  • KicksonFire has a total of 1721 competitors and it ranks 53rd among them.
  • 88 of its competitors are funded while 102 have exited.
  • Overall, KicksonFire and its competitors have raised over $2.96B in funding across 293 funding rounds involving 452 investors.
  • There are 5 public and 97 acquired companies in the entire competition set.

Who are the top competitors of KicksonFire?

  • Thrillist – New York City based, 2005 founded, Series B company
  • Momspresso – Gurgaon based, 2010 founded, Acquired company
  • Babyscripts – Washington, DC based, 2013 founded, Series B company

Who is Kicks on Fire .com?

Headquarters: PO Box 3222, South Amboy, New Jersey, 08879, United States

Phone Number:  (718) 753-4248

Website: www.Kicks on Fire .com

Revenue: $8.2M


Kicks on Org Chart


View the Kicks .com org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about Kicks Fire .com organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reportage lines within the company, starting with the top decision-makers: John Orlando, Writer, and Andres Carrillo, Editor In Chief.

Top Companies in the United States

View leading companies in the United States by different categories: revenue, number of employees and funding amount. The top companies in the United States by revenue are Walmart, by number of employees is Tip Top Poultry, and by funding amount is American Airlines. See complete lists for leading companies and additional company information such as contact details, org chart, industry, employees, etc.


I advise all not to purchase from It . I bought a pair of LF sneakers and spent over $300, but I never received them and never got my money back. It was literally for over two months trying to get my money back and tried multiple times to speak to someone regarding my purchase, but it was impossible. You cannot talk to anyone, and the tracking number given to me via a chat was not legit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kicks on Fire

What is Kicks on Fire .com’s Phone Number?

It phone number is (718) 753-4248

What is Kicks on Fire. com’s Official Website?

It official website is www.Kicks on Fire .com.

What is Kicks on Fire. com’s Revenue?

It revenue is $8.2 Million.

What is Kicks on Fire. com’s SIC Code?

It SIC: 56,566.

What is Kicks on Fire .com’s NAICS Code?

It NAICS: 45,458.

How many Employees does Kicks on have?

It has <25 employees.

What is the Competition?

It top competitors include Nice Kicks, Sep Steps, Sep look, and

What are Kicksonfire. com’s Social Media Links?

  • It LinkedIn page
  • It Facebook page
  • It Twitter page.

Is KicksonFire .com a Public Company?

It is a private company; therefore, it has no official ticker symbol.

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