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Six Email Marketing Techniques for your Flower Shop

Six email marketing techniques for your flower shop

People do not order flowers very often. However, it is important to stay on top of minds when they do need them. Email marketing is a great way to do so. It is a great way to connect with people and drive floral sales. Businesses usually focus on social media marketing and PPC.

The truth is email marketing is the most effective means of increasing brand awareness. However, the techniques you put in with your email marketing matter. Especially if you are looking for engagement.

Are you implementing effective email marketing techniques for your floral business?

In this write-up, we will guide you with email marketing techniques that will drive great results for your flower shop.

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1- Follow email marketing etiquette

Before we dig deeper, it is important to make sure that you are following basic email etiquette. The first email marketing principle is to have permission to email customers. Ensure that every recipient has opted to receive emails. Sending unwanted emails does not result in conversions. Instead, your emails only fill up their spam inbox.

Your emails should also have a link for recipients to unsubscribe. Although it is good to be constant, do not dispatch too many emails. Too many emails will only increase the unsubscribing rate.

2- Determine the best day and times to Send Emails

As per Mailchimp, the average open rate of emails is 21.33%. Thus, it is important to figure out the best days and times to send out emails. You should know when your recipients are highly likely to open your email.

People do not order flowers every day. Choose the days when they are likely in need of flowers. Sending emails on holidays could increase sales. Try not to send emails during working hours. Figure out a time when the recipient is probably free. This would at least make them look at what your floral shop has to offer.

3- Make your Emails Compelling

Email marketing has a great return on investment. It is good for increasing engagement and adding value for customers. But your customers are probably receiving emails from your competitors as well. Thus, if you want to stand out from the crowd, it is important to make your emails compelling.

Your task is to make your customers open your emails. Use enticing subject lines that bring curiosity. You can also incorporate personalization by including the recipient’s name. You can also include teasers to create anticipation for the next email. Do not be afraid to try on new things that would make a person open your email.

4- Send out different types of Emails

From welcome emails to holiday emails and purchase follow-ups, there is a variety of emails you can send. Welcome emails are popular since they have a greater open rate than other emails. Try not to follow the same rut as others. Send out emails about abandoned carts, holidays, and order follow-ups.

Not everyone purchases flowers. Reminding people about different events or providing floral tips can increase engagement and loyalty. Whether it’s Easter or Valentine’s Day, emailing customers about special offers can remind them of the event itself and urge them to buy flowers.

4- Send out different types of emails

5- Use custom Email Templates to talk about new offers

There are plenty of holidays and events throughout the year. Even if there is no special occasion, your flower shop may still have special offers for people. Using email templates for new offers will only make you do the leg work once. After that, you will just need to pull the template and adjust it according to the recipient.

Gone are the days when you had to continuously type and retype emails. Email templates eliminate the risk of sending incorrect messages. Email templates will make your emails look professional and well thought out, no matter how small your flower business is.

6- Stay in touch with previous customers and keep building future Clientele

If you want to build, plan to stay in touch with your previous clients. Do not simply rely on word-of-mouth advertising. Keep in touch with friends who could refer you, vendor partners, and potential customers.

An email with beautiful photos and testimonials from your last executed event could regenerate your sales. The reader may forward that email to someone who is looking for the same floral practice. Such emails may drive more sales than other normal emails.

This is how a floral shop grows in the direction of your Intention

While texting and calling are great ways to connect, the more efficient way to communicate is through email. More specifically, via an email platform that can deliver your email and provide you with results. Email marketing with PosterMyWall’s email campaigns will not only save you time but will increase your productivity as well. It allows you to create mobile responsive emails quickly and reduce the margin of error in your emails.

Implement the techniques mentioned above, use an email marketing platform, and let email marketing do wonders for your flower shop!