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Navjot Singh Sidhu – Profile, Debut, Career Summary, Net worth, Assets

Navjot Singh Sidhu – Profile 

Navjot Singh Sidhu  – A quintessential Punjabi from Patiala. Sidhu was the epitome of the clan of people who enjoy their lives to the hilt. On the cricket but ground. However, he was a combination of a vulture who enjoyed feasting on spinners and could be as patient as a grandfather.

Navjot Singh Sidhu this estimate has been used and also often by previous India corkscrew and today a star representative Navjot Singh Sidhu that a lot of persons so may find it difficult to believe that this one initially belongs to Alfred Adler.

Such has been the stunning aura around ‘Sidhuism’ that very few care to cross-check the authenticity and bases of Sidhu’s quotable and unquotable quotes. Anyway. The Congress party is now discovering that it is never easy to trust Sidhu.

Profile Information

Navjot Singh Sidhu was born on October 20, 1963, Patiala, Punjab. His age is 58y. He is best known as Cricketer, commentator and a politician.

Sidhu began playing first-class cricket at 18 for his native state.

He got a look into the nationwide side as an original batsman against so West Indies in the Ahmedabad Test in 1983 but remained at sea and saved poking tentatively.

He gave another chance in the Chennai Test. But he batted for a couple of hours to score just 20 runs. Predictably he was dropped from the side.

The Debut of Cricket from Navjot Singh Sidhu

Debut: India vs. West Indies at Ahmedabad – November 11 – 15, 1983

Last: New Zealand vs. India at Hamilton – January 01 – 05, 1999

Career Summary of Navjot Singh Sidhu

Former universal cricketer. Navjot Singh Sidhu. joined politics in 2004 when he disputed Amritsar in Punjab on a BJP ticket. His father Bhagwant Singh had been Punjab’s Advocate General and also a participant of the Congress party in the state.

Greeting from Patiala. Sidhu became an international cricketer in the 1980s and also quit in 1999. After retiring from cricket.

He was famous for his stodgy batting style and quiet nature. Sidhu became a Cricket commentator, tv personality, and politician.

He won from Amritsar in 2009 but to not contested in 2014 by his party so BJP. From the seat in his place. He quit the BJP in 2016 after being complete a member of the Rajya Sabha.

He combined the Indian National Congress in 2017 and also contested the elections from Amritsar East for the Punjab Legislative Assembly. His fluency led to him becoming a judge on changed tv shows. thus creation him extra popular. He is now one of the interstellar activists for the Congress party.

Different controversies have plagued Sidhu throughout his life. In a 1988 case. He was accused of culpable homicide. He is accused of hitting a man after an argument that runs to his passing.

In 2017The Supreme Court innocent, him of shooting and also thought him shamefaced of producing upset. This did not include central to him losing his association in the legislative assembly.

Batting & Fielding

MAT   NO    Runs      HS        AVG       SR       100      50     4s     6s   CT    ST
Test:   51      2      3202   201     42.13   N/A    9       15    357 38   –     –
ODI:   136     8      4413   134*   37.08   69.73 6       33    335 44    –    –

World Cups 1 from Navjot Sidhu

we rewind to classic matches to bring you the ball-by-ball comment and also all so competition coverage as if the games were happening life for the initial period.

India 287 for 8 (Sidhu 93, Jadeja 45, Mushtaq 2-56) beat Pakistan 248 for 9 by 39 runs

Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s reign as World Champions has come to an end at the hands of their bitterest rivals. After the maximum richly expected clash of 1996. World Cup served up a seething bare-knuckle battle under the Chinnaswamy floodlights.

navjot singh sidhuWorld Cups 2 from Navjot Sidhu

The boundary, 39 runs looked considerable by the time the last rites of the contest had been played available. In obverse of an irrationally satisfied crowd of 35,000 partisan fans who – with toots. hoots and also bonfires in the stands – belied Bangalore’s before staid standing in an atmosphere that shook at times to disorder.

But the agonies that those fans tolerated in the contest were real – as were those of countless lots from Karachi to Calcutta and also as the subcontinent came to a standstill for one pulsating evening.

Then yet, in the final analysis, India found the correct menfolk for the critical instants. and also they turned the benches in the middle overs and held their nerve at the death.

Their primary team discipline led to top-notes of adrenalin-fuelled motivation – not smallest an airborne night-time onslaught from Ajay Jadeja – as they create the means to endure a worthy opponent. Fittingly and movingly, it was Javed Miandad,

Thirty-eight years old and playing in his sixth World Cup after nearly three years of self-declared exile. He was on deck as Pakistan’s hopes faded to black. He bulwarked the closing overs before running out so for 38 from 64 balls, as the mounting asking-rate encircled his thoughts of one last glory.

Pakistan will rue their fate in this challenge for many years to come – rarely can they have had a competition extra at their mercy.

Basically standing in as chief after the profound pre-toss loss of Wasim Akram to a side strain. so aimed at a pumped-up Venkatesh but Prasad to eject himself after the contest at precisely the instant when consolidation was Pakistan’s watchword.

Net Worth of Navjot Singh Sidhu

Watches worth Rs 44 lakh, housing plots worth Rs 30 crore. But two land cruisers a mini cooper is part of the natural assets worth Rs 45.91 crore declared by cricketer-turn-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu. who remains challenging Assembly polls from the Amritsar (East) seat.

The 53-year-old previous Lok Sabha MP. who has to originate into Congress fold after leaving BJP has and also declared his annual income to Rs 9.66 crore for the economic day 2015-16.

Amongst fixed assets. the former cricketer has shown two land cruisers. A Mini Cooper and also a Fortuner SUV. While he also professed watches worth 44 lakh and also jewellery and ring worth Rs 15 lakh.

Assets of Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sidhu, who appears on Kapil Sharma’s display on a TV channel. Has and also shown personal loans of Rs 2.35 crore stating bank and also credits in Delhi and also Patiala. Savings in draws and also debentures, and PPF.

Sidhu has declared but six outlets in Patiala among immovable assets and also though his wife owns three galleries. Together do not own any agricultural land, as per the affidavit.

Navjot and also his wife have residential designs worth Rs 30 crore and also Rs 1.05 crore. respectively in Amritsar.

The value of Sidhu’s self-acquired and also inherited assets is worth Rs 34.75 crore and Rs 93 lakh individually.

Sidhu, so who has declared BA/LLB so since Punjabi University in Patiala as an educational qualification. Has shown Rs 54.24 lakh worth charges in the affidavit.

Sidhuvand and also gave detail of the criminal case being faced by him. He was acquitted in the situation by the Conference Court Patiala on September 22 1999. On December 27 1988, in contradiction.


He electing to the Punjab Legislative Assembly from Amritsar East. However, for Sidhu. Sidhu merged with the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2004 and disputed the general election from Amritsar that year. In 2017, he joined the Indian National Congress.This spotlight is not new and also has stayed with him throughout his volatile political career. Be his blatant political u-turns or his mingling with extremists and the Pakistani military establishment.

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