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Manga Write For Us: Submit Posts On Console, Guest Post And Contribute

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Manga Write For Us

Manga Write For Us

Are you an anime & manga lover? Are you passionate about writing unique and exciting anime content? Whether you are a novice or an advanced writer, we will consider your articles for publication on our Site if they meet the criteria.

If you have any Articles or thoughts you want to share with the Anime, Webtoons community worldwide, you can submit your article on Whether you’re a Novice writer or an Advance Writer doesn’t matter. We will consider your article as long as it meets the Criteria to submit an Article to our Site.

Submitting a Pitch First

It’s advisable (but not necessary) to submit a short pitch of your anime guest post first at before submitting a whole article.

Please include answers to the following questions:

What would you like to write about?

What is your idea of guest blogging duration & frequency?

Types Of Articles We AcceptTypes Of Articles We Accept

My Favorite celeb focuses on publishing anime and manga-related content and accepts articles related only to these topics.

Here are a few examples of themes that we accept:

  • Anime facts (i.e. Top 10 Facts About Light Yagami)
  • Anime recommendations (i.e., Best Fantasy Romance anime)
  • Find similar anime (i.e., Anime Like Naruto)
  • Anime reviews
  • Upcoming anime/ anime news
  • Anime collectibles
  • Anime popularity rankings
  • Anime games
  • Anime quotes
  • Anything interesting related to anime or manga

How to Submit Your Article

If you decide to submit an article and become a guest blogger, please send us the article (.doc format) at and include the following items:

  1. Article title/headline.
  2. Article content.
  3. Any photos/videos included in your article (optional).
  4. Your blog (if you have one).
  5. Your pen name.
  6. A short bio will remain displayed at the beginning of the article to ensure that you write the article; in case you want a backlink, you can also provide a bio about your Site. A good example here.
  7. A more extended bio (less than 45 words) if you are interested in a long-term collaboration (3 months minimum with at least 1 article contributed monthly). See the example under the article.
  8. Your avatar (can be any picture, logo, or a real photo. It’s up to you).
  9. Include the following text in the email “I agree with the terms of use for submitting an article to” Manga Write For Us.

Topics We Cover for Myfavouriteceleb














Product Reviews


Guest Posts

Are you a lifestyle blogger with a fresh new article idea? We’d love to hear from you!

  • Guidelines for submitting to My Favourite Celeb .
  • The content must be 100% unique, original work.
  • Content must be at least 500 words long
  • Content must be in-depth, well researched and of very high quality
  • Links remain allowed in the body of the content
  • One link will remain allowed in the author’s bio

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