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Write For Us Politics: Submit Posts On Console, Guest Post And Contribute

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Write For Us PoliticsWrite For Us Politics

My Favorite celeb is always looking to work with novel writers from around the country and worldwide. Please send completed documents or pitches for magazine articles to Include your contact information and a one or two lines about yourself. An editor will review your proposal and contact you if it appears to be a good fit.

We provide researchers, scholars, and practitioners active in global affairs with a forum to publish analyses on geopolitical issues. My Favorite celeb is sought to address military, political, economic and environmental issues with global significance. We invite interested writers to make high-quality submissions relating to the themes.

Suppose you are a seasoned professional, a recent college graduate, and would enjoy writing for an online journal. In that case, My Favorite celeb welcomes your submissions. Like many contributor-based platforms, we welcome all diverging viewpoints, even if they aren’t necessarily popular.

If you wish to contribute toMy Favorite celeb, shoot us an email at

Let’s collaborate!

Guidelines and Tips for Writers

We expect you to follow the guidelines if you wish to publish your thoughts on our blog. Only the best guest posts will remain published on the blog.

  • Articles must be over 600 words (Ideally over 800) and include around 2+ photos (photos you own).
  • By writing a respected and worthy article according to the guidelines, writers have an excellent likelihood of their paper being accepted and for it to remain featured on the website.
  • The post should remain well written.
  • If you don’t have any photos, then let MyFavouriteCeleb include them, as there could also be some photos relevant to your article that I will add.
  • Articles, after published, will not remain deleted or modified. Please do not contact us to make such requests, as they’ll not remain entertained.

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Write For Us Politics

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